Tuesday, December 18, 2012


horizontal underwate digital photo of diver in shark cage
Professional underwater photographer Brandon Cole on assignment in Baja Mexico in October 2012. Trapped in a cage 30 feet under, he has come to Isla Guadalupe to photograph Great White Sharks, an endangered species, Man's monster from the deep.

I wonder if a 15 foot long Great White Shark finds this "deer in the headlights" look amusing. This is me, hard at work, waiting in a cage for Carcharodon carcharias to make an appearance. Sometimes sharks are already there, waiting for me when I submerge... other times, I must wait for hours, even days, for them to arrive on the scene. I've photographed great whites all over the world, and have a profound respect for them, a deep fascination with Ocean's apex predator. We invite you to browse our photographs of great white sharks on our main web site.

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