Thursday, September 3, 2009


We've built a Flash slideshow of our new mangrove images.

Mangroves are that tangle of shrubbery at ocean's edge, lining tropical coastlines throughout much of the world. At first glance, the tangle may be one's only impression, but this often overlooked marine habitat is much more. Indeed, mangroves are vital for a healthy ocean and the people who live nearby. They act as natural breakwaters providing a buffer between coastal communities and wave-borne storms. Mangroves are home to a diverse throng of birds, fishes and invertebrates. They are critical nursery grounds to many commercially valuable seafood species.

But all is not well in this verdant ecosystem. Around the globe, mangroves are under attack and disappearing at an alarming rate. High-rise condos and sprawling oceanfront developments see mangroves as prime real estate. Garbage collects in the buttress-like roots of mangrove trees and pollutants seep into the sediments. Shrimp farms and other aquaculture enterprises all too often transform mangrove wildlife sanctuaries into ecological nightmares.

Pictures of man's impact on the mangrove habitat.

Photos of marine biologists conducting research on lemon sharks in the mangroves.

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